Good to Know

Good to know

Detailed information is available at the official website of the Czech Republic at

Taxi service

In the city centre, taxis are easy to take from the street but we strongly recommend you use hotel taxis or to call a taxi by phone through the radio taxi service.

We recommend you use following taxi companies:
AAA Taxi:  +420 14 0 14
Profi Taxi: +420 14 0 15 

Book a taxi

Private Transportation – Carrow Taxi Service

We offer you the possibility to book a private taxi for your journey around the city.

To book this service, please send an e-mail to to receive a special price below for participants of the congress.

Cash payment is accepted in EUR or USD, please specify the currency in your booking.

Contact person: Marian Kodl


max. 3 pax

max. 6 pax

Transfer from Václav Havel International airport to hotel in Prague or vice versa € 23 or $ 29  € 32 or $ 40 
Transfer from hotel to hotel (or restaurant/railwaystation/congress centre etc.) € 19 or $ 24  € 24 or $ 30 

All prices include 21% VAT. Prices applied for cash payment only. 

Registration opening hours on-site

Registration and information desk is located on the 1st floor of the Prague Congress Centre. Participants can pick-up their congress materials as well as order additional services there.

Sunday, June 7 9:00–20:00
Monday, June 8 7:30–18:00
Tuesday, June 9 7:30–18:00
Wednesday, June 10 7:30–18:00
Thursday, June 11 7:30–14:00

Entry formalities

All foreign visitors to the Czech Republic must possess a passport valid for at least the next three months. Participants requiring visa should apply in advance to consular offices of the Czech Republic or diplomatic missions in their countries in order to avoid delay in travel to the Congress. For more details click here.

Official language

The official language for the Congress will be English. Interpreting will not be provided. 


The organisers do not accept responsibility for individual medical, travel or personal insurance. All participants are strongly advised to take out their own personal insurance before travelling to the Congress.

Currency & Banking

Czech crown (CZK) is the official currency of the Czech Republic. Exchange of foreign currency is available at Prague International Airport and at most hotels, banks and exchange offices throughout the city. International credit cards are accepted for payments in hotels, restaurants and shops. Payment in cash in EUR is also available in some restaurants and shops, please ask for details on-site. You can find the official exchange rates on the website of the Czech National Bank.


The Czech Republic uses a 230 volt 50 Hz system. Sockets follow the standard used also in France, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, Greece, Italy, Ireland and some other countries, and have a grounding pin sticking out of the power socket. Information for proficients: type E socket.


Most shops in Prague are open from 9:00 to 18:00, Monday to Saturday. Shops in the city centre are usually open from 9:00 to 20:00, Monday to Sunday.

Time zone

The Czech Republic is on Central European Time – Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) plus 1 hour. From April to October is summer time, i.e. GMT + 2 hours.


Service is usually included in the bill in bars and restaurants but tips are welcome. If you consider the service good enough to warrant a tip, we suggest about ten percent.


The month of June is characterized by gradually rising daily high temperatures, with daily highs increasing from 20°C to 22°C over the course of the month, exceeding 28°C. The average probability that some form of precipitation will be observed in a given day is 60%, with little variation over the course of the month. Throughout June, the most common forms of precipitation are moderate rain, thunderstorms, and light rain. You can check for current weather conditions in Prague at


Parking space in or at the Prague Congress Centre will not be provided for the participants. Expenses for the parking space will be covered by the participants on their own.

Important telephone numbers

112: General Emergency for Europe
150: Fire
155: Ambulance
156: Prague Municipal Police
158: Police

Environmentally Friendly Congress

The 3rd Congress of European ORL-HNS is organized following broad guidelines in order to reduce the impact on the environment. Our online Registration System provides a total paperless, planet-friendly system. Delegates are invited by email and they register their attendance on-line and receive all communication from our organizing office electronically. The Organizing Committee also chooses eco-types congress bags, pens and pads.